My Sciatica is a Thing of the Past

People are always surprised when I tell them, I used to have Sciatica. They don’t expect to hear this from me. First of all, I don’t look ‘sick”. Second, they think I’m too young to have chronic pain.

Thankfully, my sciatica is a thing of the past. But it didn’t go away on its own! I worked hard to bring my body back into balance. Correct the things that went wrong, improve my posture, my strength, loosen up tight connective tissue and eliminate any faulty movements that might have played into my condition.

I’ve made mistakes along the way….I once went to an asian foot massage place. The kind of place where they give you a whole body massage while your feet are soaking in a bucket of water. The masseur used so much force on my hips and lower back, I could barely walk the next day. Hands down, that was my worst day of Sciatica. I could barely put weight on my right leg and it felt like my calf was going to explode, it felt so tight.

The intense pain of sciatica can be frightening. You think something is terribly wrong with your spine. You start having nightmares about back surgery, disability, chronic pain for life. These are very-very scary thoughts. I know, because I had them all!

But did you know that a tight Piriformis is more often than not the culprit of Sciatica?
This small muscle, if cramped, will compress on the sciatic nerve and cause you to have pain in the buttocks that may radiate down your leg.

The tightness in the Piriformis will change your hip biomechanics.

If you have this problem, what do you do? I’m sure you’ve tried stretching, strengthening, ice and rest. These all work to a certain degree, but there are better ways to go about it!

If you’d like to find out how you can make your Sciatica go away, we need to talk!

I’m here for you and I opened up some time on my calendar this upcoming Saturday, if you’d like more guidance on how to eliminate your Sciatica.
My calendar fills quickly with client appointments and personal plans, so don’t hesitate to reserve your time!

Book a time to speak with me before my calendar fills up!

P.S. I want you to know, this is all possible for you! All you need to do is take the first step! I’ll help you with the rest!

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