How to Use the Neck Device

I was working with my client Carole today. Her neck has been bothering her, so I had her use a neck device I absolutely love.

I use it with all my neck pain clients and everybody loves it. It gives your neck muscles a break from desperately trying to keep your head on top of your body (not an easy task when you have Forward Head Syndrome) and it makes your head feel weightless. A must for everyone suffering from neck pain.

Once we finished, Carole turned her head side to side and said: wow, this device really works! My neck feels much better!

Then she looked at me very seriously and said:
It’s bad when you think you feel good, because you’ve felt bad for so long, that you forgot, how it feels to feel good!

Her words won’t stop echoing in my head.
I know they resonate with you too.

Common signs you need to do something about the tightness in your neck:
Your neck is always stiff
You have pain at the back of your head
You have headaches
The front, side and back of your neck is hurting
You have knots in your neck and shoulders
Your C7 vertebra is enlarged and you have a bump on your neck
You can’t look over your shoulder when you drive
It’s hard for you to raise your arms over your head
The list is not complete, these are just some of the signs I most often see.

Click on this link to watch a short tutorial I filmed on how to use the neck device.

The device is a great start but it’s only one step on the path of getting rid of neck pain. If you’d like to find out how you can make your neck pain go away, schedule a time to talk with me!

I’m here for you and I opened up some time on my calendar this upcoming Tuesday, if you’d like more guidance on how to eliminate your neck pain.

My calendar fills quickly with client appointments and personal plans, so don’t hesitate to reserve your time!

Book a time to speak with me before my calendar fills up!

P.S. I want you to know, this is all possible for you! All you need to do is take the first step! I’ll help you with the rest!

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